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We provide manned security services to schools, colleges, universities & campuses security services in Birmingham & The West Midlands

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Safer schools, colleges, universities and campuses attract students: for any educational institution, there is nothing more important than the safety of their students and staff. With campuses growing to accommodate new students and the ever-increasing threat of drug crime, knife crime theft, and extremist behaviour in and around universities, colleges and schools, educational institutions have to implement a proactive and vigilant security system and at the same time maintain a pleasant learning environment where everyone can learn, teach, live, visit and work in safety.

Our aim as a security company is to secure your institution's academic environment; provide support and assistance to staff, students and visitors; and safeguard your university, college or school's reputation.

Threat & Risk assessment

Part of our security services is to carry out a free threat & risk assessment to assess vulnerabilities; anticipate security breaches;and advise our clients on the best security plan to put in place to secure their educational institutions and protect them against the risk of terrorism activities. The initial risk assessment can also help our clients stay compliant and keep their staff, students & visitors safe by reducing the chances of an accident occurring in their school, college, university or campus. More on threat & risk assessment services...

Gatehouse security & reception

Our front house and reception team keep your school, college, university or campus entrance manned, safe and secure. They are trained to provide professional presence and exceptional customer service while maintaining strict guidelines in accordance with our clients' instructions. More on gatehouse security and reception services...

SIA licensed and vetted security guards

All of our security officers are SIA licensed and vetted to BS7858 standards. They are trained in first aid, counter-terrorism, mental health, fire safety, conflict management and dealing with vulnerable people. We make sure that our security officers are personable, approachable, and easily integrated into the lifestyle of students and pupils- especially if they are working with young children. Our offices are provided with police-style uniform and a body camera to record events and incidents. More on manned guarding services...

Conflict management

When a security officer has to deal with conflict, they must remain calm, avoid raising their voice, arguing or using aggressive body language. They are expected to de-escalate conflicts, avoid getting flustered and impatient, and identify triggers to conflict along with excellent mediation skills. Any form of abuse, harassment, threatening, intimidating or any type of assault from or against staff, students or visitors must be reported in an incident report.

Key holding, lock & unlock and mobile patrol services

If you are looking for a cost-effective alternative to manned guarding or you need to secure your premises during out of hours, you can use key holding and mobile patrol services to reduce the likelihood of trespassing, theft or vandalism, and schedule locking and unlocking of your premises. More on key holding & mobile patrol services...

At Birmingham Security , we demonstrate our professionalism through our reliability,integrity, open communication and fair treatment of all individuals. Our security team will act as the first point of contact - providing advice, liaison and assistance. This is how we can help our clients provide and maintain a safe and secure environment for their staff, students and visitors:

Whether it's a school or a student accommodation , Birmingham Security can provide you with a reliable security team to protect your staff, students, visitors and the reputation of your educational institution.