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Although considered as a minor crime, shoplifting in the UK is a major concern for retailers. For many shoplifting is rarely about greed, poverty or necessity. One third of thefts are related to psychiatric disorder. A lot of theft and asset loss result in lost sales and profits.

Our store detectives can work as plain clothed security operative as part of your team or can operative actively in our company smart uniform. Their job is to work with the management and store manager to prevent and minimise theft from both: your customers and your own staff.

Our store detectives are always advised to recognise suspicious behaviour professionally and discretely and act in line with the company policies and procedures to maintain your business client base. They detain and deter shoplifters in line with ASCONE, which is an acronym for a six point unofficial checklist used by store detectives use when assessing and apprehending possible shoplifters:

So before stopping or approaching anybody for theft offence, store detectives should be able to tick all the above points.

Any incident of theft, theft attempt or potential threat to security is recorded and reported to the local police authority. Recorded and maintained reports are used as potential evidence in case of subsequent prosecution.

It's important for store detectives to blend in with the customers and not to look like they are a member of staff. They have to be able to watch and observe potential suspects without watching. They should be able to spot signs of attempted theft and identify potential shoplifters based on behavioural indicators alone and not judge people by their colour, ethnicity and gender.

They have also to be fit enough to chase shoplifters, detain them, and recover stolen goods.

Our store detectives can also act as a security advisor to the store management. They have to check staff when leaving at the end the daily shift or leaving for breaks. Close relationship with the store staff is not encouraged as they have to search all members of staff, however this may make them unpopular among the store staff, but it will eventually reduce internal theft.

It's also very important for store detectives not to become complacent as thieves usually try their chances at any time. They have to be aware of morning or evening cleaners, delivery men, and any traffic in or out of the store.

Any contact made with suspect shoplifters should be conducted in courteous and discrete manner with the intent of avoiding any possible confrontation and disrupting services .

All our store detectives are fully licensed by the UK SIA authority and have experience within the retail sector.

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