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We provide property protection and inspection services to businesses in Birmingham and the West Midlands

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Whether your property is occupied or vacant, you always need to be sure it's safe, secure and regularly being monitored for criminal damage, vandalism, fly-tipping and asset strippers. Simply having CCTV surveillance and alarm systems is not enough and none of the property security measures beats a physical presence of a security officer or team. Our property security services can help property owners - commercial or domestic - reduce the costs associated with vacant and damaged properties.

Threat & Risk assessment

Part of our security services is to carry out a free threat & risk assessment for empty properties to maintain your insurance compliance; maintain your property value; highlight potential risks to you property - internally and externally; and ensure your property is ready for re-occupancy. More on Threat & Risk Assessment services...

Ineffectiveness of steel screening & boarding up

Boarding and steel screening is an outdated and ineffective method of securing the property. This method can only increase the risk of vandalism. Besides it's expensive to board up all the accessible windows and doors of even small premises. The presence of security screen panels can only send and inviting message to squatters and metal thieves. It's very easy to remove these screens and the way to remove them is well known by squatters and metal thieves.

Any property boarded up with screen or wood panels affects the whole neighbourhood, reduce house prices and can only show the whole area is in decline. Few would buy a new property next to boarded up house or warehouse. People always associate boarded properties with high level of crime.

Installing steel and wooden screen can also damage windows and doors' frames. In some cases security screens replace window and door frames, and having the building boarded up, any natural light and ventilation will be blocked out. This will eventually cause more and more moisture, mold and internal condensation to walls, furniture and fixtures. It can also cause pest infestations and leaks. Even with the cover of insurance, it takes time to bring the property back to acceptable level.

Squatter prevention

According to section 144, occupying or squatting in a commercial property is still not considered as criminal office. If a squatter can prove that he has the keys to get inside the premises without having to have break-in, legally they cannot be proven guilty of committing a criminal offense. Our guards make sure nobody can get access to any part of the premises as they can easily spot them if they are on site 24hrs a day - round-the-clock.

Birmingham Security ensure that your property is secured and protected. Our uniformed security officers will provide a high visibility presence inside and around your property, deterring vandals, squatters and trespassers. The presence of our security guard in your property can also help prevent fire or water damage, and provide access to authorized visitors - saving your valuable time.

To help keeping security costs down, we can deploy our security team when necessary and till the threat moves on.

Property inspection

For empty properties, we undertake regular property inspections to detect any vulnerabilities or signs of break-ins. We check the exterior of the building and report any signs of break-ins, build-ups of rubbish and any potential hazard to the public; we record gas, water and electric readings on each visit; and we inspect the interior of the building and report any evidence of break-ins and damage to the property from water leaks or infestations. All reports include photographic evidence to verify the condition of the property.

Key holding, lock & unlock & mobile patrol

We can provide a dedicated mobile patrol service. Our team will visit the property at random times round-the-clock to carry out security patrols and checks. Our mobile patrol services includes alarm response and key holding is required. More on key holding, lock & unlock and mobile patrol services...

Manned guarding

The presence of uniformed security guards inside a vacant property deters any unwanted vandalism, trespassers, thieves and unwanted visitors. Whether you need one security guard or a security team to secure your property, we can provide you with mature, reliable, responsible and proactive security guards. Our trained, licensed and vetted security officers can protect your property from burglary and damage by providing regular foot patrols and constant visible presence. More on manned guarding services...

SIA licensed & vetted security guards

All our security guards are SIA licensed and vetted in compliance with BS7585 standards. Vetting also includes enhanced criminal and financial record check; five-year employment check and five-year residential check. With our strict recruitment process, rest assured your business or home is in the safest hands.

Whether you need one security guard or a security team to secure your property, we can provide you with highly responsive security guards across Birmingham and the West Midlands, ensuring your property is never left exposed to any threat.