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Whether your property is occupied or vacant, you always need to be sure it's safe, secure and regularly being monitored for criminal damage, vandalism, fly-tipping and asset strippers, but it can be expensive to pay for round-the-clock security guarding services. Empty and boarded up properties usually blight neighbourhood and attract unwanted anti-social activities. We, at Birmingham Security, we can protect your vacant premises at minimal or no cost at all.

As a security and property management company, we work with local authorities, housing associations, education institutions and socially responsible landlords to provide social housing security round-the-clock. We help both landlords and professionals who are looking for an affordable, temporary accommodation. This cost-effective approach gives landlords who are looking to sell or gain planning permission, a complete peace of mind knowing that their premises are put back into temporary use and most importantly protected and maintained.

Ineffectiveness Of Steel Screening & Boarding Up

Boarding and steel screening is an outdated and ineffective method of securing the property. This method can only increase the risk of vandalism. Besides it's expensive to board up all the accessible windows and doors of even small premises. The presence of security screen panels can only send and inviting message to squatters and metal thieves. It's very easy to remove these screens and the way to remove them is well known by squatters and metal thieves.

Any property boarded up with screen or wood panels affects the whole neighbourhood, reduce house prices and can only show the whole area is in decline. Few would buy a new property next to boarded up house or warehouse. People always associate boarded properties with high level of crime.

Installing steel and wooden screen can also damage windows and doors' frames. In some cases security screens replace window and door frames.

Having the building boarded up, any natural light and ventilation will be blocked out. This will eventually cause more and more moisture, mould and internal condensation to walls, furniture and fixtures. It can also cause pest infestations and leaks.

Having live-in guards or residential guardians is the ideal method of protecting your premises from further damage, squatters and metal thieves.

Squatter Prevention & Live-in Guards

If our clients prefer another alternative to residential guardians, we also provide live-in security guards who occupy vacant premises to deter squatters from getting access to the premises to demonstrate possession by just being able to control the entrance and ingress of premises.

If a squatter can prove that he has the keys to get inside the premises without having to have break-in, legally they cannot be proven guilty of committing a criminal offence. Our guards make sure nobody can get access to any part of the premises as they can easily spot them if they are on site 24hrs a day - round-the-clock.

The presence of our guards inside the premises can also make the property look like it's populated and functional. This will save our clients the hassle of forcibly and legally removing squatters.

Residential Guardians

Having professionals living in your commercial or residential premises can only deter vandalism and squatting. By having responsible single adults living in your property, the building is kept alive and cared for. We require only 30 days notice to hand you premises back to you. We don't sign any tenancy agreement with tenants and prior to the end of the 30 days notice we do our best to rehouse them.

Having your premises protected by us means you no longer need to pay business rates. You only need to pay the due council tax.

We don't allow tenants with pets and dependents.

We monitor our guardian tenants regularly and visit them to check whether the premises are well kept.

Our property guardian scheme is different from tenancy as we as a security company, we supply protection services for vacant premises and the guardian tenants help us in the process.

Residential Guardians Vetting

Live-in residential guardians are fully vetted and screened before moving in your premises.They have to :

Our residential guardian are often young, single professional looking for affordable accommodation.

Residential Guardians Responsibilities

Whoever lives in your premises has to look after the place as if it's their own. They are expected to:

Your Saving

At the start of every tax year, empty properties landlords have to pay business rates on commercial properties, such as warehouses, shops and offices. By using residential guardians to occupy your property, you can mitigate these business rates while waiting for the right time for sale or development. Our residential and commercial guardian services saves you money and at the same time offers you better protection security for your premises.

By using our services, you could end up saving:

Please note that you still have to pay empty property rates as residential guardians are not actual tenants.

Handing Back Your Property

We only need one month notice before we hand back the premises to you. During that month we relocate the guardians to different accommodation. At the end of the month, we will hand you the keys at the property.

Whether it's an office, a flat, empty care home, school or even a church, we can manage your property and save you lot of hassle and expenses. Using our live-in guardians, you can save all the 100% cost of traditional static guarding. When we hand you back your premises, we often return them in a better condition than the first time we took over them.

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