Key holding, Lock & Unlock & Mobile Patrol Services in Birmingham

We provide key holding, lock and unlock and mobile patrol services to business premises in Birmingham and the West Midlands

Most businesses understand the risk associated with using some of their employees as key holders. Instead, they outsource key holding, locking & unlocking and mobile response to local security companies.

Using our 24/7 control centre in Birmingham city centre, we are able to provide fast, efficient, flexible and professional key holding, lock & unlock and and mobile response services to our clients anywhere in Birmingham and surrounding areas.

On foot or by car, we make sure we keep unwelcome visitors on their toes by devising random visits and checks - days and nights.

If you need an affordable deterrent service and you can't afford the cost of round-the-clock manned guarding, our mobile patrol and key holding service can be a good alternative.

We cal also provide manned guarding at certain days of the week or nighttime or whenever you need the presence of a security guard on site.