Threat & Risk Assessment Services in Birmingham & The West Midlands

We help you stay compliant and keep your employees & customers safe

Part of our security services is to carry out a threat & risk assessment to help our clients stay compliant and keep their employees & customers safe by reducing the chances of an accident occurring in their workplace.

The risk assessment starts with a preliminary checklist guideline to facilitate the initial steps in the process of Health & Safety Risk Assessment. Each premises is divided into work areas and separate work activities and for each activity the assessor should assess whether a Health & Safety Risk Assessment is required. Activities with trivial hazards should be ignored.

Each site has different requirements. Even similar sites can have different risks and requirements - the reason we don't use ready templates and forms: Our risk assessment is more based on specific work activities and areas risk assessment - rather than off-the shelf templates.

When carrying a workplace Risk Assessment , we follow five steps:

The format and recordings of the assessment should be easily read and up-to the point. It shouldn't be overcomplicated and should be illustrated where necessary.

A Risk Assessment is working document and should be kept under review to ensure that control measures are still in effect and effective. Risks that may affect construction, industrial and logistics sites, the available methods of mitigation and risk appetite ( amount of risk that a business is prepared to accept) can change rapidly : any new working practices, equipment or machinery must be taken into account when reviewing an assessment. In the event of new events or duties, The Risk Assessment Report should be reviewed more than once within one year.

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We also provide construction sites security, property protection, gatehouse, reception & concierge, retail loss prevention, logistics & distribution security, industrial security, schools, colleges, universities and campuses security, healthcare security and key holding & mobile patrol services.

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