When you need to consider changing your security company

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Most business owners are not experts in security to know whether or not they are getting the right deal for the money they are paying to secure their businesses.

As a business owner, you need to start considering changing you security company when:

Guards are always turning up late for their shifts without notifying you.

Guards are lazy and have unfriendly attitude to your staff and customers.

Guards don't have full awareness of their surroundings and always look consumed in their phone calls or chat.

Guards not wearing uniforms, not displaying the SIA badge and not taking pride in their look.

Guards cannot communicate with anyone because of their poor command of English.

Guards are timid and don't want to communicate with your team

Guards don't have SIA badge or illegally employed and not vetted before they started working.

At Birmingham Security we can offer you advice on what's the best security plan you need to secure your business. Visit our free quotation page; fill and submit the form; and we will send you a competitive quote.