Door supervisors: how to protect yourself and others

6 months ago

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These are guidance by the SIA for door supervisors on how protect the public and keep themselves safe.

Look out for signs of vulnerable individuals, such as :

Those who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Alone individuals or receiving unwanted attention

People separated from friends

Lost individuals

People being followed or threatened

Those who look or act as if they are victims of child exploitation

People under the age of 18

Elderly people

Those who mental ill-health

Those with learning, physical, or a range of invisible disabilities

If your are concerned about someone’s ability to get home safely, please consider the following, you should seek help from street marshals are any active schemes. You can also call a friend or relative to help in the case of a younger or vulnerable adult. If you need to get a taxi for the person concerned, they must be booked by phone.

Finally you can call the police authority