Cause of office fire and how to protect business assets and livelihoods from them

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For any business, it's always important to understand the most common causes of office fire and be ready to stop them from happening.

  1. Lack of employees' awareness, drills and training. Any business must have fire wardens trained to minimise the risk of fire and manage emergency situations. They are expected to cover all key areas of business premises. Businesses should also take into consideration holidays and sickness which will inevitably impact on their availability.

  2. Absence of the right equipment, such as smoke detectors, fire doors, signage, fire extinguishers and fire blankets. They should be placed in the right place and they should be in a good working condition n and tested and maintained regularly.

  3. Lack of organisation and tidiness. A cluttered work place can easily lead to accumulation of flammable material , which could also obstruct emergency exits and escape routes.

  4. Electrical equipment. All it takes is an overloaded extension lead or loose socket to start or increase the risk of fire. Electrical equipment should be checked and certificated regularly with regular PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) carried out at specific dates. Key items, such as kettles, toasters and hoovers should be replaced regularly.

  5. Criminals can cause office fires. Businesses should have a surveillance system installed and maintained with the appropriate signage. Intruder alarm systems can also help alert you of break-ins.