UK Government launched S-TRIG Programme for security research

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The UK government has launched a programme to provide grants of up to £30,000 to support the development of technology security for a number of public services.

Named the Security Technology Research and Innovations (S-TRIG) Programme, it is a joint initiative between the Department for Transport and Home Office’s Future Aviation Security Solutions (FASS) programme and the Connected Places Catapult.

The programme focuses on five broad application areas: aviation security; border detection and security; detection of contraband entering prisons; protection of infrastructure and crowded places; and counter-drones.

The programme is open for applications till the 20th of September, for initial grants to support research as a step towards further development.

Nicola Yates, chief executive officer of the Connected Places Catapult, said: “We are excited to launch this programme and look forward to seeing the innovative concepts that will help the UK to anticipate and get further ahead of complex national security challenges in the skies and on the ground.

“We encourage businesses and institutions to get in touch to show us how their ideas and expertise can help build public safety, assurance and trust in these areas.”