How To Protect Your Home Against Burglars

Security is better when it's built in - not bolted on

Stephen Yu

Opportunists often target easy and safe targets

Before deciding to hire a security company, you may take a bit of your time and effort to reduce burglary and secure your premises. We have compiled a comprehensive list of tips on how to protect your home against intruders and how to deal with them.

It's bad enough when burglars rob you of your valuable properties, but the emotional shock of having your home invaded can be deeply upsetting. The devastation can be even more crashing if our complacency has been the main cause. Our common reaction is usually surprise and fear as we never thought it could happen to us and we are not sure if it will happen again.

Unlike many other crimes, burglary can be prevented if you take the necessary measures to safeguard your home or business premises. As a home or business owner, you should take the time and effort to secure your premises.

It's always necessary to prioritize your health and safety before your home security. The harder you make it for thieves to get in, the harder it will be for emergency services. If you put bars on your windows, you put your and your family's lives at risk in case of fire. You may put bars on the windows of the first floor, but not one the second floor.

Before leaving your home, make sure you shut off water main. A water leak could destroy and water log your home.

Always remember that it's almost impossible to make your house or business break-in proof even if you turn it into a suburban fort.

Try not to make yourself look like an attractive target: thieves break in mainly because of our predictable habits and complacency. If in doubt, look in the surrounding houses and adjust accordingly.

If you can remove the opportunity, you may prevent the burglary.

Look at your house the way a burglar does.

Think like a burglar to beat the burglars.