Security companies and clients in Birmingham and Worcestershire, please be aware of these thieves - Cotswold Security Group

This firm - previously known as Cotswold Security - just phoenix-ed into Cotswold Security Group - company house. They took tons of loans from the bank and robbed the HMRC, many sub contractors, including ourselves - and now they are trading as normal with the same team, office and previous contracts.

Cotswold Security Group are NOT an SIA approved contractor, so if you are an SIA approved contractor you are not supposed to use them.

James Caine Lester , the manager who went for bankruptcy, this August, is still part of the company though he is showing as living with his parents, now. In fact, he also running another company but with different name,

The website for this business is They are the UK partner of QR Patrol.

They sub contract from Wilson James, who, the last time we contacted them, said they have a good relationship with them.

All the asset of the current of Cotswold Security Group is the money stolen from sub contractors, banks and the HMRC - the reason James decided to go bankrupt.

As you see the scum bag has registered the girl he was using as decoy for the Cotswold Security Group, now she is also the director of this company. He did that after noticing we mentioned this in one of the reviews. SECURISOFT LTD

If you are security company, these are the last people to work with. They won't only pay, they will record you when you go their office and use every single trick to charge so you you won't be able to ask for your money.

If you are a current clients of them, you need to know they are no longer SIA approved Contractor. The SIA has just stripped then off ACS, recently.

You should also watch out the invoices sent by Theresa. These guys are thieves and they will try every single trick to con clients and sub contractors.

The old website still redirects to the new one and James is still involved and running the company. It's just not registered by his name.

These scam bags teamed up with another similar scam bags liquidators, Irwin Insolvency who took care of the liquidation scam. Irwin Insolvency actually changed the address of the old liquidated company to their own office address!

Recently they decided to remove the new Google map account reviews and revert back to the liquidated company, Cotswold Security previous account as they thought they will get rid of the negative reviews that simple.

These are the genuine reviews they are trying to hide

Faisal Abdallah

Here we go again. This is actually the Google account of the liquidated company Cotswold Security.

"Unfortunately this review is by a ‘competitor’ and has no merit or value. This reviewer owns a very small ‘secuirty’ company called Birmingham Security Services, who have issue with the growth of our company. We have flagged this review with Google and the police due to threats previously made to our staff "

Let's break this down:

1. Competitor

Birmingham Security Services is Bham based. We don't cover Cotswold or outside Bham.

2. Small 'secuirity' company with no merit or value

This small company covered this company shifts In the Royal Shakespeare Company for two years for one reason. The RSC used to send back every guard they send. At one time they sent one guard for night shift ( the only one they sent ) and he came with a blanket to get some sleep in his car for the whole night shift. I fact at the end of every shift he used to complain how bad these guys are for more than half an hour keeping our guard after the end of the shift:)

We used to cover all the shifts they sub contract from major security companies as they knew they would lose the contract if they use their own staff.

Right now I cannot see them getting any sub contract from any other security company.

We used to take guards off our own sites and cover their shifts when they needed guards on short notice - that was before we knew who exactly they are.

3. We have issue with the growth of this company :)

This company was recently sripped off their SIA accredidation. The only contracts they could have right now is a one off event - that means they are hardly trading. They thought they can get away with people money and keep trading but they ended up nowhere.

All the major UK security companies, now, they know who these guys are and they don't want their name associated with Cotswold Security.

They already embarrassed Wilson James in the RSC and they made them lose the contract two years ago.

So there is no growth or whatsoever.

4. Threats previously made to our staff.

When these guys decided to liquidate Cotswold Security and register Cotswold Security Group late 2017, they decided not to pay us and thought it was a good idea to lie to to the police and waste their time that we threatened their DM. Theresa Clifton recorded myself, the last time I went to their office and when I went to Evesham police station, they said we did record him but missed the part when he was threatening the boss.

I've attached the list of all the companies they took their money and you could see Birmingham Security Services in the list

In case the pic is not attached you could see that online in the Company House - just search Cotswold Security -> Filing History -> Statement of affairs.

So if you are a client of these people or you are planning to be one, Ill just leave it to you to make your judgement about these people.

They started a new account here in Google for Cotswold Security Group buy when they noticed not many people saying good thing about them, they removed that account and reopened this account. This account is the original account for the liquidated company, Cotswold Security.

You expect somebody who is running a business to have a head on their shoulder - These are the dumbest people I came across who think everyone is gullible - including their customers.

Response from the actual owner, obviously James!

Unfortunately this review is by a ‘competitor’ and has no merit or value in reference to Cotswold Security Group Ltd. We see a new review from this person or one of his associates every time a positive review come in from satisfied customers, to try a dismiss our genuine reviews and lower our star rating. This reviewer owns a small security company called Birmingham Security Services who have never been SIA ACS approved, and have issue with the growth of our company, but apparently doesn't work in this area and yet still choses to cause issue. We have flagged this review with Google and the police due to threats previously made to staff. I unfortunately I have never met, worked or dealt with this individual myself but understand he and his colleagues have caused issues previously. If you are interested in professional security services across the Cotswolds and the Four Counties please do not hesitate myself or the team anytime. We operate a 24hr control room and have staff available across the the four counties of Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, and Oxfordshire.

Kay Clifton
Managing Director
Cotswold Security Group Ltd.

The worst security company we worked with but in case you don't mind one of their security guard turning up with a blanket to make sure they get a good night sleep, they might be right guys to secure your premises!

Nawaz Ahmed

There isn't anyone who actually knows these guys and possibly recommend them and I'm very certain the few positive reviews here are fake and submitted by one their few friends. Not even sure even these kind of people have friends!

Why i said this?

At the end of year 2017 they ended up owing good money as we never bothered them for payment for about one year.

When we contacted James and Theresa they said the could send us £500 a week till they clear all the invoices. So we told them they didn't need to do that and that they could pay us when they have enough money.

It turned out at exactly that time they registered the new company Cotswold Security Group and even ordered two brand company cars - the ones you see in their website.

After few months and when they squirreled all monies from Cotswold Security they called rogue liquidation company - Irwin Insolvency- to take care of the whole scam. Irwin Insolvency even changed the old company address to their office to confuse the guys from HMRC.

James, now, is showing as bankrupt and living with his parent but he still running the company though it's not registered by his name.

The one who is replying to reviews is actually aware of all this but pretends that Cotswold Security Group is a different company and she never heard of Cotswold Security:)

Imagine someone doing this and you trust him with looking after your home or business?

Micheal Wright

On appearances all looks good, but very amateurish. I telephoned to enquire for security staff for an event at our facility, the staff were very rude, poorly presented and appeared to have very minimal security knowledge. Thumbs down, I would look elsewhere.