The Rogue Security Company - Cotswold Security Group
Security companies and businesses in Birmingham and Worcestershire, be aware of this rogue security company in Evesham, Cotswold Security Group

Security companies and clients in Birmingham and Worcestershire, please be aware of this rogue security company - Cotswold Security Group

This firm - previously known as Cotswold Security - just phoenix-ed into Cotswold Security Group. They took tons of loans from the bank and robbed many sub contractors, including ourselves - and now they are trading as normal with the same team, office and previous contracts.

James, the manager who went for bankruptcy, this August, is still part of the company though he is showing as living with his parents, now. In fact, he also running another company but with different name,

If you are security company, these are the last people to work with. They won't only pay, they will record you when you go their office and use every single trick to charge so you you won't be able to ask for your money.

If you are a current clients of them, you need to know they are no longer SIA accredited. The SIA has just stripped then off ACS accreditation.

You should also watch out the invoices sent by Theresa. These guys are thieves and they will try every single trick to con clients and sub contractors.

The old website still redirects to the new one and James is still involved and running the company. It's just not registered by his name.