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Achieving the right balance between the spectator experience and an effective security has always been a challenge for event organisers. However serious are the threats of terrorism and crime, the focus should always be on optimizing the entertainment of the crowd and make guests feel more at ease.

Music & Sport Events

Whether it's a music festival, a sporting event or a corporate meeting , we can tailor our services to meet your security requirements as well your budget. Every week, we ensure the safety of hundreds of people attending fairs, auctions and wedding ceremonies.

Leisure Venues

Door supervisors are the first impression you give to your customers and we, at Birmingham Security , we make sure it's positive one. The way in which door supervisors behave and deal with your customers affects the image and reputation of your venue.

At Birmingham Security , we believe that the UK private security industry has long moved away from the negative "bouncer" stereotype. Being a good doorman is all about brain - not brawn. A good "bouncer" doesn't bounce anyone.

Our approach to managing conflicts is POLITE but FIRM.

Non aggression approach is key to deal with any conflict, however challenging or intimidating. Employing overly aggressive doormen with little regards to your customers' safety can only affect the reputation of your venue.

Our professional door supervisors are polite, approachable and friendly. They pride themselves on being able to talk people down - including those who abandon their common sense after few drinks. They are entitled to use force only in self-defense. They are not allowed to punch, kick or use sleeper holds - even when challenged to a fight: The way to tackle aggressive customers is to control them.

If they have to evict customers from the premises, they are expected to warn them and use professional verbal commands, explaining politely why they have to leave.

Our supervisors' job is also to protect your staff from threats of violence and intimidation.

We always encourage open communication between you or your management team, your staff and our security team .

We can provide door supervisors - both male and female - to leisure venues, hotels, taxi ranks, parties, and late night eateries.

Risk & Threat Assessment

For any event, the greatest vulnerability is complacency.

Event security planning must be based on the outcomes of an effective risk assessment. Based on given vulnerabilities we can formulate the appropriate search plan and contingency plan, such as dealing with delivered items, suspect packages, evacuation or invacuation procedures.

Security plans should be regularly reviewed, audited and every time fully exercised to make sure it's still up-to date, effective and workable. Any findings on threat levels should never be made public.

Our crowd management consultancy services are free of charge as part of our event security services.

All our employees are fully licensed by the UK SIA authority. Prior to employment, they undergo extensive screening and have have access to training opportunities helping them progress their careers.

You can get a quote over the free phone 08002465852, or simply by sending us a brief description of your security requirements.

Our prices are within most local businesses' budget.

We don't subcontract our work to local security companies.

We work directly with our clients.