Beware of working for or with this rogue security company - Cotswold Security / Cotswold Security Group

Cotswold Security Group is a rogue security firm based in Evesham. Currently they are trading with at least two names: Cotswold Security and Cotswold Security Group.

Currently James, the director is looking how to liquidate the old name with lot of debts and keep trading as usual with the new name with the same clients, team and office. They just changed the uniforms, the logo, website and registered the new company with a female name. But they are still getting contracts using the SIA accreditation of the cold company Cotswold Security Ltd.

Cotswold Security Group subcontract from Wilson James but they never cover the sites themselves as they cannot do that for the fact they are useless and they don't have guards. So they get in touch with security companies from Birmingham but never pay them at the end. And as there are many security companies in Birmingham, so there is always one who never heard of them.

Wilson James are aware of this but they are OK with that as long their sites are covered. The last time I contacted them, they stated they had a good working relationshiop with These thieves.

Last week we contacted Wilson James regarding many months of unpaid work we've done for Cotswold Security one year ago at the RSC, they replied it's not their problem and that they have a good working relationship with Cotswold Security Group. No surprise there why they lost the Royal Shakespeare Company contract, few month ago!

It turned out Wilson James were aware all the way these theives were planning not to pay us. When We contacted them, they said they were using these thieves as 'Agency' as they know they are not supposed to have un approved contractors in their site.

If you are one of their clients, you are using thieves to look after your business, and if you are security company, you should never work with them and that includes Wilson James.