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Personal protection and residential security have increasingly become a necessity - rather than a luxury for the famous, the well-off and the vulnerable. Whether you need a personal accompaniment service or you need us to look after your home white you away , we can provide you with personalised and cost-effective round-the-clock personal protection.

These are some of the personal protection and residential security services we provide to individuals and organisations:

At Birmingham Security Services, we pride ourselves on trust, discretion and confidentiality. We don't disclose any information on our clients. Most of our operatives - males and females - are polite, helpful and have extensive experience with working with notable celebrities and politicians.

All our personal protection specialists - males and females - are experts in personal and executive protection, and hold a valid UK SIA licenses in close protection. Each team is carefully selected based in each client specific security requirements.

You can get a quote over the free phone 08002465852, or simply by sending us a brief description of your security requirements.

Our prices are within most local businesses' budget.

We don't subcontract our work to local security companies.

We work directly with our clients.