Man who pulled a knife on security guard was taken down by shoppers at Morrisons in Chorlton

The attacker was detained by members of the public after threatening a security guard with a knife.

Local police scrambled to Morrisons Wilbraham Road before 1:30 PM, Tuesday afternoon.

Claire Bruchard who had been inside said:

"Within seconds of me shouting these seven men just ran straight to him - they were brilliant."

"The security guard was incredible and deserves a medal - he looked really shaken up once the guy was restrained," she added.

Sean Cummins, 41, who was in the fruit aisle ,said he heard a commotion coming from the other side of the store.

I was in the fruit aisle when I could hear a woman shouting.

It turned out she was shouting 'he has a knife' which if I had heard at the time I may not have rushed over to.

I turned my back and went running round and this guy was throwing punches at one or two men who were wrestling him to the ground.

A woman was on the phone to police whilst shouting out for more help so I went to go and help pin the guy down."

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