Change to SIA Documents Checks

The SIA are making changes to the way people prove their identity when they apply for SIA license.

The new rules will come into effect starting from 15 February 2019 for new or renewal license.

The SIA will ask applicants to present one ‘Group A’ document and two ‘Group B’ documents in support of their application. At least one of the documents must show their date of birth and any address shown on these documents must match the address they gave us in their application.

The documents must be originals, not copies, so applicants should plan ahead as they may need to contact banks, utility companies, or local authorities in order to get these.

Please note that their application will not move to Checks in Progress until they have been to a post office with the correct identity documents. This is particularly relevant if you are intending to deploy staff using a time-limited LDN (Licence Dispensation Notice). If applicants have not completed the actions that we ask of them in their Next Steps message, you may find that you are no longer able to deploy them.

More on this on the website,

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