Castle Point Council to hire private security to target dog mess

Castle Point Council is planning to hire private security firm to deal with the menace of dog fouling.

Castle Point Council is set to consider the proposals next week.

If agreed, the council would employ a full-time and a part-time enforcement officer to tackle the this issue, and littering, on the island.

However,some residents don’t think it is a good use of tax payers money.

Sue Brooke, 65, of Canvey, said:

“There are better things the council could be spending our money on. Residents should be picking up their litter and dog mess.

“It is an issue everywhere not just on Canvey.

“But this is so much taxpayers money to be spent.”

The cost of the plan would be about £41,000 per year - with set up costs of £15,000.

A formal consultation will need to happen before such a scheme can go-ahead.

The council will consider the plans at a meeting on Wednesday, April 17.

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