Security guard caught with 400 canister of oxide at Parklife festival

Mohammed Faisal,23, claimed he was paid £100 to carry the bag for an artist. He was seen carrying a bag into the festival area - which is not permitted, and he was challenged by one of the staff. The bag was found to contain 416 nitrous oxide canisters.

The drug is legal to purchase for legitimate means, such as food production, but it became illegal to supply or import nitrous oxide for human consumption under the Psychoactive Substances Act which came into effect in 2016. Mohammed Faisal's mobile has shown no evidence of drug dealing.

When interviewed by the police, Faisal had claimed he was approached by a man who later walked off and left the bag, and that he had tried to follow him to return the bag.

Alex Leach, who was defending him said:

Faisal made an 'ill judged and naive decision', but that the defendant was not seeking to profit from the wider illegal drugs trade.

Faisal has lost his SIA badge as a result but managed to get a job in a delicatessen.

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